how to renew your intentions islam ?

how to renew your intentions islam ? As the second ashra of Ramadan begins, Muslims around the world have settled into a routine of fasting. The focus, however, differ as for some it is elaborate iftar dinners, for others finishing the Qur’an or simply refraining from sins committed on a “normal” day. It is imperative to remember the purpose of fasting so that we can truly benefit from Ramadan, both physically and spiritually.


Almighty Allah states that the purpose of fasting is so that we may achieve piety [Q.2:183]. Yet it seems sometimes rather than moving closer to Allah in our ‘ibada during Ramadan, we, in fact, move much farther away due to our misaligned priorities. We should remember that during Ramadan, Allah Almighty opens the door to Janna and closes the doors to Hellfire [Sahih al-Bukhari #3103], creating an ideal environment for us to increase our ‘ibada and remembrance of Allah Almighty.


Rasulullah SAW said :

“ There are a great many people who fast but only get hunger and thirst out of their fast. There are a great many people who offer prayer at night but only get (the discomfort of) night vigil out fo it.” [Sahih al-Bukhari #19190] In order to ensure we are not of those unfortunate people, our days should be spent in indulging in the dhikr of Allah Ta’la, refraining from frivolous or obscene conversations and avoiding anger with the reply, “I am fasting, I am fasting.” [Sahih al-Bukhari #1795] The focus should be on being mindful of our actions, our thoughts, and our intentions. It is the time to make the small changes in our lives that will not only continue but progress as the year goes on. Our fasts must be that of our ears, so that we do not listen to gossip and backbiting; it must be of the eyes so we do not watch anything immoral; it must be of the tongue so we do not hurt others with harsh or cruel speech; and it must be of our hands and feet so we do not engage in unlawful acts. Once we can accomplish this, then and only then will our hearts be ready to receive the love, mercy and blessings of Allah Ta’la.


As this blessed month quickly passes by, it is imperative we review, reset and refocus on the purpose of Ramadan and our goals. If the reward of becoming closer to Allah Ta’la and attaining His love is too abstract to motivate us then surely the door of Jannah, Al-Rayyan, which is ordained only for the fasters will encourage us to take full advantage of this month and to battle our nafs for the better. May Allah Ta’la have mercy on us and may this Ramadan be life changing as it is intended to be so that we may not only enter through Al-Rayyan but more importantly have the pleasure and love of Allah Ta’la.