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Current Nisab value (03/28/2018)

Using value of silver (612.36 grams) – $318.42
Using value of gold (87.48 grams) – $3734.52

“And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity: And whatever good ye send forth for your souls before you, ye shall find it with Allah” (Qur’an 2:110)

Zakat is not just a fundamental pillar of Islam – it is also a revolutionary concept with the potential to ease the suffering of millions around the world.

If just the top ten richest people in the world paid zakat – a mere 2.5% of their wealth – it would amount to a staggering $10.8 billion! The power of that money in tackling poverty would be huge.

Zakat is not just a duty on those with wealth, but a right that the poor have over us – we are “those in whose wealth there is a recognized right for the needy and the poor” (Qur’an 70:24-25).

Madina Mercy uses your zakat in the most effective way possible to benefit the most needy.