Today I have a leadership class and
An important task of me they ask,
I have to think about a perfect leader
Someone who excelled, a great big teacher

In the name of God, I say from my lips
I count some leaders on my fingertips
And then realize that Muhammed is
The greatest leader there ever was

I learnt about influence, process and navigation
About trust, respect and good communication

I think carefully and begin to reflect
That though not many followed him, there was still respect

The teacher moves on
and now says that
intuition and magnetism
is key for connection

I reflect again and I am in awe
That the Prophet of God knew so much more
He lived these traits in all he did
Won hearts all over from adults to kids

His noble message that was strong and sound
Replicated faith all around
He inspired priority and sacrifice, no doubt
In ways that knew
no measures or bounds.

The lesson continues and the teacher says
That an inner circle is the reason
a leader stays
I ponder again and think of the Companions
Those of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad
Of how they empowered and taught them alike
And then sent them out
with messages so wise

And on to the next principle the teacher goes
He tells us what happens when momentum grows
I take myself back to exciting historical times
Of expeditions and victories
Conquests in kind

I ponder then on how he took every step
Invited to the faith with love and respect
Found ways in which to exponentially expand
And how from far and wide
Guests arrived to pay tribute to the man

We moved onto the final lesson part
And leaving a legacy from the heart
Leaving something after you depart
A benchmark for everyone who will want to start

I count the legacies that he has left
The Quraan and lifestyle definitely stands to attest
The Companions that he taught and the way they were spread
to different lands was strategy at its best
“So, who for you is the greatest leader ?”
“Someone you think, meets all criteria,”
I look around at the quiet hysteria
From students who think about what to tell the teacher.

I raise my hand all cool and calm
And announce the name Ahmed to the class
There is thick silence and anticipation is high
As the students look on, wondering why

I go on to explain every little point
Go on to validate why he is my choice
The teacher smiles and has to admit that I’m right
The class applauds and marvels at my insight

For me, it is neither arrogance nor pride
That makes me happy to share and enlight
It is driven, you see, by pure love
For a leader whose divine instruction came from above

But if you should marvel, then marvel at this please
That Muhammed, the Prophet was unlettered you see
He didn’t take any leadership class
He only trusted and led from the heart.