Terms of Service

Below are the terms of chat and chat guidelines

Terms of Chat

IP addresses are automatically tracked for your safety and will only be accessed under severe circumstances, such as if you are at-risk of harming yourself or another person, or a child is being put in danger of harm or abuse.


Abuse of volunteers will not be tolerated. Please be kind and respectful to our volunteer team. 🙂


Records of chats are kept up to a year’s time for training purposes


Our youth supporters are trained volunteers but not professional counsellors. If you are looking for more professional help we may be able to support you in finding services in your area.


We collect non-identifying client information for statistical and survey purposes.

Chat Guidelines

Our focus is to work with youth between ages 13 and 30, but we will not turn away clients outside of this age range. However, clients will need to be at least 13 years old to access our services.