As COVID-19 continues to spread, ever-increasing number of individuals, communities, and entire nations are feeling the impact in their day-to day activities.

Beyond the global health crisis, the coronavirus is having a severe economic impact on individuals, small businesses, medical organizations and places of worship. And with hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe in quarantine, there is a growing need for financial support.
Thankfully, we all have the power to do something and make a difference.
In this time of dire need, #TeamMadina is more than ever focused on serving our communities around the world. The urgent need for medical supplies, basic necessities, and quality healthcare is only increasing as more communities become affected by COVID-19.

They all need your help and they need it now. You dont have to wait until Ramadan to give. Together we can do it. We call upon you to stand with all of us – Help us bring hope again!

May you and your loved ones be blessed till eternity. Amin

You're making a difference

Please help educate and become a part of our global movement!