Love in action

Community development is at the heart of everything we do as better communities will make a better world. Such activities are fundamental for the growth and prosperity of a community and thus Madina MERCY works to facilitate this.

Madina MERCY aims to achieve an inclusive and just society through empowering people to influence decisions that affect their lives. We invest in projects that empower individuals and groups of people by providing them with the skills they need to break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage, and effect positive change within their communities.


Our Community Kitchens in various locations provide nutritious meals in a warm, safe and loving environment, free of charge, no questions asked, to anyone who comes seeking nourishment and support; thereby creating an open space in which people feel welcome and supported; and able to access our community services and educational programs.

In an effort to tackle poverty in communities, Madina MERCY is a regular partner to Food Banks distributing food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough food to avoid hunger.