How Madina Mercy is making a Difference!


The idea of supporting and studying Islamic studies to many may seem prosaic and is something left for others to do and invest in. However, as the social milieu changes and Islam is becoming more and more apparent in the media, the representation of our religion is becoming ever more important, in our homes, in our workplaces and in our communities. It is a religion that is loved by those that follow it and it is this very love and beauty of the Quraan and authentic Sunnah that we want the world to see.

Madina Mercy has been instrumental in supporting such projects, directly and indirectly across the world, and would love you to be part of it.

A primary focus has been the 1year Usul-ud-Din/ Islamic Sciences programme. A comprehensive 1-year programme enabling the students with the tools to navigate through the Deen, to critically engage with the texts that make up the foundation of Islamic faith.
The students are the testimony of this and the far reach they have taken it to. Students like Shaima, from Costa Rica, who was 1 of 4 Muslims in her entire district and needed to be as extensive as she can in her expression of Islam, or Ines from Montreal, who can now share with her community in their mother-tongue, French and enable them to join her in this journey, or Mukhtaar who was so inspired by the programme, he got his whole family involved and is active in many community projects and inspiring other youth.

Then there are students like brother Muhammed Lwande, who lives in rather impoverished township in Africa, whose mom was so impressed at the change she saw in her son after the programme, that even though he is the only Muslim in his family, she’s allowed him to use their tiny home to conduct prayers and their backyard to teach students. His community, which consists of < 0.5% Muslims have found such beauty in his teachings that they have asked that he teach their children too and has become a true inspiration to his community. A kind Madina Mercy doner, like yourself, was so intrigued by Muhammed and his story, that they’ve gone on to support Muhammed in his secular education so that Muhammed can continue to support his own family and community projects long into the future, God Willing.

Then there’s aunty Rukeya, a surgical nurse by profession, who also took the year off to do Madina and currently spends her time between shifts teaching women and children in the area ridden with poverty, gang violence and alcohol abuse. Through her tireless efforts and the assistance of the Madina Mercy teams, she’s truly managed to bring hope, growth and opportunity to the lives of this community and provided a sanctuary and solace from their daily struggles.

Shakira, a young lady who lives and grew up in the area aunty Rukeya has invested herself in, was also afforded the opportunity, through your help, to join the Madina Usul-ud-Din programme. Her personal growth was incredible to watch, from a timid, uncertain young girl to a confident, determined young lady with dreams and the self-confidence to achieve them. She’s currently completing her journalism degree and an ambassador of the teachings she learnt during her time at Madina.

These and many other students are making a difference all across the globe and we are fast realizing that Islamic studies is not just for the imam in the masjid, it’s for you, it’s for me and it’s for anyone of us calling ourselves Muslim in this millennium. It’s for the ordinary willing to be extraordinary.

Another extraordinary project started with the support of Madina Mercy is the Madina Centre for Peace and Non-violence which continues the Madinan School of Nonviolence and Peace as laid down in the Prophetic example, as to challenge global extremism in both its violent and nonviolent forms. Students, teachers and general people have all gotten involved in conducting workshops, and Youth Summits and discourses on leadership, conflict resolution, on bullying and on varied related contributing concepts on violent and nonviolent extremism that exists today.
There are also a number of publications out, discussing difficult topics in an open and researched manner, allowing the reader not to be bullied into a particular ideology, but enabling them to make a choice for themselves, and there are still so many awaiting publication.

So you may think that giving towards an Islamic organization, isn’t necessarily humanitarian, but rather it’s assisting in the creation of the individuals that drive these human projects, the creation of those willing to give through their time and selves, to be an extension of the Muhammedan mercy to the worlds.
So give a little of yourself too, be part of the inspiration every day, every month.